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My Salesforce Pardot Experience & Why I Recommend It

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My Salesforce Pardot Experience & Why I Recommend It

By Simon K. Kandie

Email Marketing with Pardot

In the world of digital marketing, email marketing has become an important tool to reach potential clients. While email marketing is a mature channel, nearly half of marketing leaders still plan on increasing email marketing spend.  This is primarily because email marketing has found a second birth with new innovations such as Pardot that help to deliver personalized content on a larger scale. Today, most potential customers expect personalized messaging, and this has to be based on real-time consumer data, across multiple channels. Therefore, marketers require tools that are able to provide data-driven campaigns using automation and analytics. These use of data analytics and automation are particularly valuable in B2B today.

The Power of Pardot’s Lead Scoring Tool

The use of lead scoring to automatically categorize the most important potential leads gives your marketing and sales teams the most likely customers to convert. Segmentation rules allow marketing teams to automate segmentation of potential prospects. This, in turn, allows marketers to create content specific to the target audiences and is a powerful tool to increase lead conversion rates.

The Joy of Using Pardot’s Engagement Studio To Monitor Campaigns

Lead nurturing through Engagement Studio allows marketers to create drip campaigns with automated emails. The email templates can be used to inform prospects over time with Calls to Action. Once the automated emails begin, the leads start coming in! You are able to monitor individual prospects engagements and measure how they are interacting with your marketing assets. This coupled with lead scoring and segmentation rules, allows for the creation of a rich customer profile which allows marketers and sales teams to make data-driven decisions.

All this is possible with Pardot by Salesforce and has empowered our organization to reach out to a large number of B2B prospects en mass but with personalized content that speaks to them. Nurturing customer relationships through Pardot has empowered our marketing and sales team with a solution catered for business in the digital age.

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