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We believe that we are living in “The Age of The Customer” and for any business to succeed, great customer engagement is key.

Our history of innovation

We believe that we are living in “The Age of The Customer” and for any business to succeed, great customer engagement is key.

When Blue Consulting was formally launched as a company in 2014,our main objective was to help businesses in Kenya grow by helping them improve their customer experience by giving them access to the world’s best CRM Platform, Salesforce®.

Over the past 4 years Blue Consulting has been able to achieve success not only in Kenya, but in East &West Africa as well, and we are well on our way to becoming the leading CRM Solutions company in Africa.


Blue Consulting Limited was founded in 2015 by Limo Sadalla, a Kenyan born Undergraduate Degree in Business, Information Technology and Economics. He was then exposed to the world of CRM and Salesforce through his work with several multinational and globally celebrated companies.  This experience inspired him to come back home and form a company that would address the huge gaps in data management and consumer relationships in Africa.

We make it our business to ensure that end users will be able to navigate Salesforce effectively, create reports, manage email campaigns and learn from all the data.


As the first local certified Salesforce Partner in East Africa, Blue Consulting has been breaking barriers right from the start. We have used our unique position to advocate for better data and consumer management practices amongst businesses operating in East Africa.


We have managed to overcome hurdles such as limited digitization and fear of change, to win over some of the biggest brands across multiple industries across the continent. At the end of 2019, we were nominated for and won the award for Best CRM Solutions Provider in Kenya. 

Our most valuable resource over the past 6 years has been our incredibly talented and dedicated young team. We have embodied Salesforce’s spirit of Ohana, and transformed it into our own of “Ujamii”  which means community in Swahili. Our Vision is to be the leading CRM Solutions provider in the African continent. We are on a path to educate as many businesses, regardless of scale on the benefits of CRM technology.

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