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Blue CPG App

Blue CPG App

Get A Custom CPG App,
Tailored To Your Business Needs & Processes

Keep Track, Save Time & Scale

Our Blue CPG App is a custom mobile application that allows enterprise businesses to keep track of their products, manage sales, create reports and enables employees on the field to plan their routes efficiently by managing data, stock and supplies; all from the convenience of their smartphones!

Get A Custom CPG App,
Tailored To Your Business Needs & Processes

Every business is unique, and so is yours. Invest in a solution that will differentiate your business from your competitors, and establish your brand as digitally transformative and a leader in innovation.

Work Remotely With Ease!

Take advantage of all these incredible features to manage your business from anywhere with ease. The app can help you:

  • Create route plans for you and other users in your company
  • Easily view and monitor route plans and progress on a map
  • View shops or outlets assigned to you, check in and take orders
  • Uplift stock from distributors, view van inventory, return to distributor and roll over inventory
  • Search for Customers with ease
  • Easily add new customers, outlets or shops to your list
  • Capture, track and view both new and existing expenses
  • Easily view all your KPIs and targets
  • Capture your daily report for different profiles
  • Switch between online and offline modes
  • Automatically uploads data to your Salesforce when online
  • Download data before trips or going offline
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