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How Your Business Can Effectively Use Salesforce CRM In The Wake of COVID-19

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How Your Business Can Effectively Use Salesforce CRM In The Wake of COVID-19

Towards the end of last month, our beloved Blue Consulting CEO Limo Sadalla shared his two cents on COVID-19 in an unprecedented way. He authored an article for the Business Daily Africa titled, “Ensuring Seamless Business Operations During A Pandemic.” With the Presidential address yesterday announcing travel restrictions in various counties for the next 21 days with a major focus on Nairobi and its surrounding areas…life as we know it continues to change. Curbing the spread of the coronavirus has come with big blows to business and an even bigger economic impact on the majority of the working population. Kenya is not alone in this, as even the leading nations around the globe have exhibited unforeseen changes and economic hardship. As we rally together and practice being safe, it is small comfort to the local business community to note that companies like ours and Salesforce are doing all we can to provide solutions.

Before COVID-19, the future of work in Africa was slowly adapting to technology and existing innovations such as CRM. Pre-existing fears and misconceptions meant most companies were operating with minimal to very little facilities to enable them to successfully run in times of crisis such as now. Many of these are SMEs which make up to 90% of businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. Today we stand together with all these businesses, offering much needed aid and support. All is not lost. With CRM, but not just any CRM…with Salesforce there is indeed a real tomorrow for them, their employees and their customers. Together we shall overcome!”

The Estimated Impact of COVID-19 On The African Economy

Despite contributing to only 3% of the global GDP, Africa is set to lose an estimated US$ 270 Billion and suffer an estimated -4.51 percentage point drop in GDP according to the recently released report by the African Union. Initially, GDP growth estimates for the continent for 2020 were at 3.4% percent. The impact of the coronavirus has already and will continue to set back the growth of the world’s fastest-growing economy, with the travel and trade sectors already in large decline due to the closing of borders globally. Many African businesses rely heavily on business relations and trade with China and are now in crisis. It is also forecasted that close to US$ 130 Billion in medical supplies will be needed to effectively combat COVID-19 in Africa.


All You Need To Know About The Free Salesforce Care COVID-19 Response Solution for Businesses

In late March, Salesforce launched Salesforce CareA free rapid response solution to help companies navigate through COVID-19. As Blue Consulting we could not be prouder to be Silver Consulting Partners and ensure that our clients and local businesses operating in Africa also benefit from these solutions. The solutions are based on Employee & Customer Care, Philanthropy, Small Business, and the Broader Eco-System; And shall be free for a 90 day period where subscribers will have the choice to discontinue the services or pay for them. Salesforce is also providing six-month free access to Salesforce Health Cloud to help response teams and emergency services better manage the crisis.

Discounts on Blue QuickStart CRM Implementation & Free Consultations at Blue Consulting

Inspired and with pride to be partners of an organization that is leading with change to help businesses all over the world survive this crisis, we as Blue Consulting have taken the initiative to provide up 30% discounts on our custom implementation services. We are also offering Free CRM Consultations.


STAY SAFE! Remember to practice social distancing and read the full article by Limo HERE!

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