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All You Need To Know About Blue QuickStart CRM Implementation


All You Need To Know About Blue QuickStart CRM Implementation

After five years of consulting for businesses all across Africa in multiple industries, Blue QuickStart was born. The award-winning team at Blue Consulting sat down last year and used their first-hand experiences and technical expertise to develop a custom Salesforce solution that would enable more local businesses to acquire and benefit from the world’s leading CRM platform. Blue QuickStart Implementation offers interested parties something that was thought of as either too impossible, too expensive and too time-consuming in a matter of days! The main goal of this landmark service has been to make world-class CRM solutions more accessible to local markets by addressing the biggest hurdles, which were the high price-points, the complex process and the availability of quality platforms.

Blue Quick Start Sales Essentials

Tailored to address the needs of any small business, this package only costs a one-off fee of USD 1,500 or KES 150,000 and is designed to get your sales team trained, automated and efficient in only three working days. The main purpose of the Salesforce Essentials license tied to this service is to help small businesses scale up in a smart, efficient way by properly managing and making use of their data. The main reason why this particular product should not be ignored is because of the undeniable positive impact it will have; with most sales teams in small businesses and start-ups being stretched thin, stressed and under-performing…this will give them the time to actually do their jobs and sell more!

Blue Sales QuickStart Lite

Do you run a small business that moves a lot of products and is managed by a small dedicated team? This particular service is perfect for small manufactures and members of the FCMG community who are looking for fast and reliable solutions to automate their processes. Designed to get a small team of not more than five individuals properly trained, and set up a CRM based on Salesforce Sales Cloud in just one week. Sales Cloud is more powerful than Salesforce Essentials and provides businesses with access to similar tools at a larger and more detailed scale. The main purpose of this service is to ensure you unify your sales processes in a quick, efficient and trusted manner while enabling your sales team to perform at optimum levels. It costs only US$ 3,400 or KES 340,000 and is a one-off implementation fee.

Blue Sales Quick Start

For those businesses that have begun the upward journey to enterprise status and should no longer be identified as “small business”, this is the solution you have been praying for. Preferably using the Sales Cloud or Sales Cloud Enterprise Editions, this implementation process is designed to address the needs of a Sales Department that boasts a team of up to 15 people who have or are working on a unified sales process. Features include:

  • Customizing your lead qualification process to fit your organization sales process;
  • Setting up lead automation, lead reminders and lead escalations to ensure no customer falls through the cracks
  • Set up your account and contact data;
  • Setup contract renewal reminder alerts;
  • Customize the CRM sales process to fit your current organization’s sales process using best practice sales methodology;
  • Setup opportunity automation and ensure you get opportunity reminders on quotations and lost deals to ensure follow-ups and automate opportunity renewals;
  • Setup users, user permissions and roles;
  • Setup 5 dashboards and the Salesforce mobile application;
  • Connect your email to CRM. This will sync your calendar, email, contacts & tasks. (Only applies to Outlook & Gmail services);
  • Carry out data loading which will include ensuring all your existing accounts, contacts, and leads database are properly in the system;

Your sales team will also be provided with one-day end-user training and one-day administrator training. The package also includes a complimentary two-week support facility. For only US$ 5,500 or KES 550,000, the process will only take three weeks to fully implement.

Blue Sales Quick Start Plus

The big difference between Plus and Regular is that Plus provides you with a catalog of all your products and will enable your sales team to create and send quotes to customers automatically. This will provide your sales team with financial capabilities that will help them speed up their sales process and increase efficiency as well as get real-time insights on product availability and stock. Customizing your business catalog and developing the quotation feature is a time-consuming process but worth every penny. Blue Sales Quick Start Plus costs US$ 7,500 or KES 750,000 and is a one-off implementation fee.

Blue Service Quick Start

Customer satisfaction should be the pinnacle of every company and with this implementation package, you can use the best tools provided by Salesforce through Service Cloud to better connect with your consumers. Suitable for businesses in the hospitality industry such as Travel Agencies, Hotels, Restaurants, etc, these tools will empower your organization to build trust and form long-lasting relationships with consumers by providing personalized and intelligent support on your customers most preferred channels. The implementation process takes two weeks and is recommended for businesses with a unified customer care department using either Service Cloud or Service Cloud Enterprise editions. For only USD $ 4,600 or KES 460,000, it is a worthy and necessary investment in today’s digitally driven world!

Blue Community Quick Start

Created to make the lives of all businesses who would like to give their customers access to efficient self-service avenues, Community Quick Start is a genuine life-saver. Taking only one and a half weeks to fully implement, it recommends the use of Salesforce Community Cloud to create highly responsive experiences for each and every user. This platform also enables companies to connect customers, partners, and employees with each other and the data and records they need to get work done. The Blue Consulting team will help you customize the community platform with your corporate brand and theme, customize your consumer profiles and enable them to update their information easily, set-up customer cases and enable your customers to easily file and manage complaints, set-up a Q&A platform to enable customers to easily submit queries and finally set up reports and dashboards. With one day training and a two-week complimentary support channel, the package costs only US$3,600 or KES 360,000.

Blue Pardot QuickStart

Business-To-Business or B2B sales and marketing is never easy. With longer and more complex customer journeys; sales and marketing professionals often find themselves with bigger headaches and even bigger challenges. The Pardot QuickStart package is designed to help businesses get the most out of their Salesforce Pardot licenses. Pardot is a B2B marketing automation solution that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. With QuickStart the team at Blue Consulting will help you:

  • Create digital marketing campaigns targeting specific customers with industry-specific messaging;
  • Use the engagement studio to automate B2B emails and monitor email interactions and trigger actions to create leads;
  • Segment your prospects with segmentation rules, that highlights your most engaged prospects to allow you to further engage and convert your leads;
  • Create personal and engaging landing pages to drive prospects towards content to further nurture your leads;
  • Create web forms that trigger actions for your Marketing teams, so that you engage with your prospect at the opportune time.;
  • Track how your prospects are interacting with your website and gather information on which products they are most interested in;
  • Track how your prospects are interacting with your website and gather information on which products they are most interested in;
  • View the performance of your digital campaigns through reports and dashboards of all your marketing assets as well as your Campaign ROIs;

This two and a half week process will cost only US$ 6,600 or KES 660,000 and will include two full days of end-user and administrator training as well as a complimentary two-week support channel.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased need for businesses to invest in business solutions such as CRM software, Blue Consulting Limited is offering up to 30% discounts on its Blue QuickStart Packages as well as offering Free CRM Consultations! If interested please CLICK HERE to fill a contact form, and our Sales Reps will be in contact with you.

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