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Salesforce® Shows Huge Return on Zoom Investment

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Salesforce® Shows Huge Return on Zoom Investment


According to Market Insider, our partners Salesforce® have marked a 370% return on a US$100 Million investment in video-conferencing platform Zoom. This comes amidst an increased global demand in video-conferencing tools due to widespread quarantine caused by the coronavirus. Companies all over the world are using Zoom to work and conduct meetings remotely, and Africa is no exception. It has been almost exactly an year since the IPO, and Salesforce®’s current stake now stands at an impressive US$ 470 Million.

As avid Zoom users, the team at Blue Consulting can count itself among the over 300 million people who used the video conferencing platform this month and according to CEO, the platform has shown a 2,900% increase in users from 10 million users in the month of December.

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