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Empowering Young Women: One Girl Can Leadership Conference

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Empowering Young Women: One Girl Can Leadership Conference

It was an honour for Blue Consulting to speak at the One Girl Can Leadership Conference in Nairobi, held from September 15th to 17th. This year’s theme, “Breaking Down Barriers, Building Careers,” celebrated the power of young female leaders and the pivotal role of technology and women in STEM. The event was a remarkable gathering of aspiring women from diverse backgrounds, All speakers played a vital role in inspiring and empowering these young minds.

Meghan Markle once said, “When we empower girls hungry for education, we cultivate women who are emboldened to effect change within their communities and globally.” One Girl Can Foundation, based in Kenya and Canada,  gives some of the world’s most vulnerable, high-potential girls a chance to rise above extreme poverty and gender inequality. Through education, training, and mentoring, girls are empowered to achieve their goals, earn a meaningful living, and build better lives — for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Blue Consulting was represented by the People & Operations Lead and Software Engineers all being Ladies, leaving the girls inspired and motivated.  They emphasized that the world of technology is open to anyone with a passion and a dream. They encouraged the young women not to fear exploration, learning, or challenges but to embrace them as opportunities. Their speech ignited a fire of ambition, motivating the attendees to become the innovators, leaders, and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

In the midst of this inspiring conference, we also took a moment to reflect on the incredible work of One Girl Can. The organization has uplifted the lives of more than 100 girls in Kenya through sponsorship and mentorship. The conference was mainly for students entering the job market and delved into the roadblocks they may encounter and provided strategies to overcome them. We had an opportunity to discuss how to stay grounded and confident in a job market still largely dominated by men, the importance of building a personal brand, and the value of networking and community connections. It was a comprehensive guide to help these young women navigate their career journeys with resilience and determination.

Majority of the girls enrolled in this program come from financially disadvantaged families, and having a session with a number of them, they both attested to the fact that the foundation has transformed their lives giving them opportunities and the power of education and support. Most of their journeys with the foundation began when they were in high school, navigating the challenges of limited resources and the fear of a future without education. 

The program became their guiding light, offering not only financial support but also a priceless sense of belonging and purpose. Through the program, they learned essential life skills, and etiquette, preparing them for a world beyond their wildest dreams. Today, they stand as a beacon of hope and success, both in their current schools and also in their communities, where they are a testament to the transformative power of programs like One Girl Can. Their journey from a disadvantaged background to currently doing University degrees in different courses e.g. Civil Engineering, and Software Engineering, just to mention a few,  is a shining example of how accepting help and embracing opportunities can change the course of one’s life.

In conclusion, the One Girl Can event was a testament to the celebration of diversity, ambition, and the potential to shape the future. Blue Consulting is proud to have been a part of this inspiring conference, and we look forward to witnessing the incredible journeys of these young female leaders as they embark on their paths to success. Together, we believe that indeed, one girl can make the world a different place.

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