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Breaking Ceilings While Writing Code…Or Not – The Women Bosses of Blue Consulting

Breaking Ceilings While Writing Code…Or Not – The Women Bosses of Blue Consulting

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Breaking Ceilings While Writing Code…Or Not – The Women Bosses of Blue Consulting



In the wake of International Women’s Day, it only seems fair that the ladies of Blue Consulting get some much-deserved appreciation. For most women in business, working twice as hard or even harder is just part of the game; for women in the tech world…the glass ceiling is even higher! 75% of the female staff at Blue Consulting are women in tech. The remaining 25% are in senior management. Not many companies can boast of such figures, much less in Africa and we hope that the recognition of our amazing female bosses will inspire more organizations regionally to take stronger measures to ensure gender equality and women empowerment.

Christine Kaburu – Operations Manager & Voice of Wisdom

Running a company requires grit, determination, caffeine, and unending optimism. The secret ingredient to successfully handling the day to day operations of a technology-based business solutions company in Sub-Saharan Africa needs an employee like Christine. A graduate of the University of Nairobi, with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, she has spent the last four years helping Blue Consulting scale into what it is today. As the Operations Manager, her leadership role requires she wears multiple hats…something she excels at despite whatever challenge is thrown her way. Working in Africa, where most companies have patriarchal systems and dealing with the inherent sexism she faces as a young woman with a seat at the table, Christine has proven that skill, confidence, and determination will open any door. A lesson many women of all ages can learn and employ. Members of the Blue Consulting Team would collectively describe her as the life of the office, funny, witty, no-nonsense and SUPER hardworking. With her head of healthy dark curly hair and never-ending amazing stories…she is the real-life embodiment of a girl boss!


Christine Kaburu Blue ConsultingC
Christine Kaburu , Operations Manager at a past event

“Age is no barrier, it is a limitation you put on your mind.”

– Jackie Joyner-Kersee 


Ivy Wainaina – Senior Salesforce Technical Consultant & Big Data Enthusiast

Ivy Wainaina -Senior Technical Salesforce Consultant at Blue Consulting


If what they say about knowledge and those who seek it is true…Ivy has gone and continues to go above and beyond to refine and broaden her skills. In 2013 she won a UN Women Scholarship that helped her acquire a Masters of Science in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University. Her thirst for knowledge is endless as she continues to collect more Salesforce certifications with every passing year. Working at Blue these last four years has enabled her to bring her love of big data to life and employ her amazing skills at every turn. With her headphones on and laptop charged she is like Rosa Bonheur with a brush; a true maestro when it comes to writing and developing code.

Thanks to her role as a Senior Technical Consultant, she if often front and center of most of Blue Consulting’s large projects. She works closely with our clients and helps translate their needs into a reality…using Salesforce in creative ways to make life easier for some of the region’s biggest companies. If anyone was to ask Ivy what her experience as a woman working at Blue is like, she would tell you that it doesn’t matter. Why? Because at Blue…it’s not about your gender or your background or your religion or age…it’s about what you bring to the table, your willingness to learn and your commitment. Your work is your voice. As a woman in tech, that speaks volumes because, for most women like her, opportunities to lead are few and far in between.


Winnie Charana – Senior Salesforce Technical Consultant & Salesforce Guru


Winnie Charana - Salesforce Technical Consultant
Winnie Charana – Salesforce Technical Consultant



When you first meet her, you may think that she’s a typical soft-spoken and shy girl next door but Winnie Charana is one of a handful of people in the region who can boast of having over three Salesforce Certifications. She can outcode the creme de la creme with ease and a smile and finds joy putting her skills to use each day. A Moi University graduate, Winnie has committed the last five years to help Blue Consulting grow. When Blue Consulting won the Best CRM Solutions Award in 2019, it only seemed fitting that Winnie was there to collect the award on behalf of the company.


Winnie Charana on the left & Simon Kigen Kandie at the 3rd DIA Tech Excellence Awards 2019
Winnie Charana on the left & Simon Kigen Kandie at the 3rd DIA Tech Excellence Awards 2019


Valerie Kurao – Salesforce Consultant & MVP


Valerie Kurao - Salesforce Consultant
Valerie Kurao – Salesforce  Consultant

Young, fresh-faced, and super ambitious; Valerie is a true testament and inspiration to many. She started at Blue Consulting as an Operations Team member and has continued to rise through the ranks thanks to her hard work and dedication. According to Blue Consulting CEO, Limo Sadalla, Valerie has shown great interest to learn and grow as much as possible, and with each passing year, she has earned herself more responsibility and recognition. Working with a group of leading female workers has also motivated her and played a major role in her stellar work ethic. She is a CPA from Strathmore University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Commerce from the University of Nairobi. Her star continues to shine brighter as her work at Blue Consulting has led to a great interest in Salesforce and has opened her eyes to the world of AI and CRM Technology.

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