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Our Journey Into Helping Resolution Insurance Embrace The Power of Salesforce CRM.

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Our Journey Into Helping Resolution Insurance Embrace The Power of Salesforce CRM.

Celebrating Resolution Insurance’s Success Together!

Business Chief Africa and FinTech Magazine Articles

When Business Chief Africa and FinTech magazine decided to feature Resolution Insurance in their February 2020 Issue; the entire Blue Consulting Team was more than ecstatic. The pride and joy could be felt in the air as the team knew exactly how their long hours and dedication have contributed to helping this tech-driven company set the standards for local innovation in an industry that is sorely lagging behind. Resolution Insurance is among a handful of local companies that have invested in Salesforce CRM® to take their business to the next level.




The Winning Formula

Why Working With Resolution Insurance Has Been A Dream Come True For the Blue Consulting Team

With Resolution Insurance, Blue Consulting has been able to successfully display its first-hand knowledge of local businesses; whatever the scale and their ability to effectively create customized Salesforce solutions. In this case, and many others…being Salesforce experts was great but not enough. Blue Consulting’s own experience as an African tech-based company proved invaluable.

The common ground was equally motivating as both companies were determined to prove a point and separate themselves from their competitors with the technological tools available to them. Endless meetings, countless emails and too many phone calls to count…the years of dedication continue to pay off.

A Match Made In Tech Heaven

How Resolution Insurance and Blue Consulting Use Their Shared Love of Technology to Break Barriers and Effect Change

The cohesive relationship between the teams of both Blue Consulting and Resolution Insurance over the years can not be matched. CRM Implementation is expensive and time-consuming and this fact has never been lost on both sides.

The fact that Resolution’s team has been clear in its goals and direction is all thanks to their Head of Digital, Francis Ngari.  He made it easier for Blue Consulting’s lead Salesforce specialists to make everything work. His five-year road map made it possible for our team to identify and streamline what aspects of Salesforce would be best suited for them.

Salesforce CRM is a vast multifaceted tool that can be utilized in multiple ways to achieve multiple results and one of Blue Consulting’s main objectives is to ensure all its clients get the most out of their CRM platforms.

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