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Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud connects your marketing team to the sales team and helps create a cohesive experience for the customer. No two customers are the same, so the ability to offer different experiences based on specific customer attributes is very powerful in marketing. It is the perfect tool for all your digital marketing needs. With the help of this cloud-based platform, you can engage customers and prospects on all channels like web, mobile, and social media and have the ability to listen to them and take insightful action accordingly based on consolidated data.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for marketers that allows them to create and manage marketing relationships and campaigns with customers.
What's Marketing Cloud?
Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a CRM platform for online marketing experts that empower them to plan and administer marketing associations and operations with clients.
Why use Marketing Cloud?
Marketing Cloud assists digital marketers to deliver the right message to the potential audience at optimal timings.
What are Marketing Cloud's key benefits to organization?
• Marketing Cloud offers interesting services for both B2B (when the customer is another company) and B2C businesses (when the product or service goes directly to the end consumer or customer). The true benefits would be: data sources unification, every channel customization, the ability to interact in any given moment of the customer relationship and campaign results measurement. • Knowing your customer – With Marketing Cloud, it becomes possible to connect data from different sources and devices in this cloud-based platform and obtaining a single unified vision of the customer. As a user, you will be able to capture and activate first-, second-, and third-party data.
Why Tools are included in Marketing Cloud?
Journey Builder: this marketing automation solution from Salesforce is used to create customized customer journeys through multiple channels. Email Studio: this one is oriented to perform customized campaigns of email marketing. Social Studio: this tool is aimed at creating those customized campaigns, turning our social media followers into potential leads. Mobile Studio: helps us to take the leap towards mobile devices and enables marketing interactions via SMS, push notifications and group messaging. Audience Studio: with this tool we will be able to capture data from any source and unify all that data in one single place. Audience Studio fulfils the “social listening” goal in order to enable the creation of content that is more appealing to our audience. Advertising Studio: now we take the step towards digital advertising and here it is where we find the Salesforce solution to manage acquisition, retargeting and alignment campaigns. Datorama: this is the hub where all data can be accessed through a dashboard, where return of investment can be controlled and business growth bolstered. Interaction Studio: a tool to visualize customers’ experience in real time and to connect with them through any interaction. Data Studio: Salesforce says about Data Studio that is the best solution to discover the audience, acquire data and “take control of that data”. This is the best tool to increase revenue using valuable data. Google Analytics 360: Marketing Cloud platform includes this tool developed by the tech giant Google, allowing users to use all the insights from customers to understand them better and obtain more from marketing actions. Pardot: aimed at B2B, Pardot makes marketing automation easier to empower sales teams when closing deals and creating meaningful connections.

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