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Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud
Request Demo A real-time POS & operations solution Salesforce Commerce Cloud is positioned squarely at brands and retailers that require best-in-class B2C functionality within a one-stop solution.
A real-time POS & operations solution.

Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based software solution that empowers companies to unify the customer experience across all points of commerce, including web, social, mobile, store, and others. From shopping, to fulfillment, to customer service, Commerce Cloud delivers a 1-to-1 shopping experience with built-in predictive intelligence. a highly scalable, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecommerce solution..
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Grow faster with customer-first ecommerce built on the world’s #1 CRM.

See how our customers are shaping what’s next in commerce. Become one of the 99% of customers who have met or exceeded their business goals with Salesforce. Convert more customers with personalized buying experiences. Get truer customer insights when you connect sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT. Implement faster with easy-to-use-tools. Stay agile and start seeing higher ROI sooner.
What's Commerce Cloud?
Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps retailers create seamless, personalized customer experiences from shopping, to fulfillment, to customer service. Using innovative data science, its predictive intelligence enables you to deliver a one-on-one shopping experience. The Commerce Cloud is constantly evolving and refining its features/ functionality to keep pace with the ever-changing e-commerce sector.
Why use the Commerce Cloud?
The Salesforce Commerce Cloud frees you and your business from the demands of managing a technical roadmap by offering ecommerce as a SaaS solution, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to best practice ecommerce features.
What are Commerce Cloud's key benefits to organizations?
• State-of-the-Art Marketing Tools - Salesforce commerce cloud comprises some of the best marketing tools that empower merchants, content creators, and brand marketers. All the prevailing marketing tools allow merchants to pitch the right product to the right customers with the right price at the right to take the sales and conversion rate to the level. Merchants can also adjust and optimize search queries according to the customers’ search intent and boost the visibility of your products and services. • The best part about the Salesforce commerce cloud platform for ecommerce businesses is, you can run, manage, and track all the marketing campaigns like social media, email marketing at one single place and experience the growth of your brand. • Predictive Intelligence – Salesforce embedded Einstein AI, a next-generation artificial intelligence platform that exterminates the need of using third-party extensions and manual data analysis. The key attributes of the Einstein artificial intelligence system are such as – Saves a lot of your valuable time and money by automating merchandising tasks. It suggests the best products to customers it every touchpoint, it provides data-driven insights that help in boosting sales and conversions and real-time tracking for every shopper visiting your online store, it generates real-time predictions. • Internationalization of Storefronts - Except for the Salesforce commerce cloud, no other cloud-based platforms allow organizations to manage multiple storefronts for multiple locations across the globe from a single back-end platform. By harnessing salesforce commerce cloud attributes, you can effortlessly manage multi-currency, multi-language, and multiple processes all in one place. • Focus on Rich Mobile Experience – Based on modern trends, the number of users shopping through hand-held devices and smartphones is increasing exponentially. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly or better say mobile-responsive ecommerce store is the need of the hour. Moreover, Google has also made mobile-first indexing, mobile responsiveness, and page load speed crucial ranking factors. To keep your business ahead of competitors, you should have a mobile-friendly ecommerce store. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Salesforce commerce cloud is, it lays great emphasis on the mobile-first approach. Salesforce commerce cloud is all about providing optimal shopping experience to mobile users.

Collaborate & share their ideas and content with Commerce Cloud.