360 SMS App

One-stop text messaging solution

360 SMS App


Salesforce’s Native Text Messaging Solution

360 SMS is natively built on the Salesforce platform, this powerful App empowers the user to communicate effectively with Customers, Prospects and Business Partners across the globe through Single/ Bulk SMS/ MMS. Additionally, helps teams to connect with a large number of clients through anonymous features like Automation, SMS templates, Link Building etc. With the most advanced Salesforce Texting features, 360 SMS App is gaining great respect on the basis of easy access, simple to use and versatility in the long run. 360 SMS App, the “Top-Ranked Salesforce Messaging App” is capable of marketing your products and services, it enables you to reach more and more clients in a fast, easy and effective way. Increase your customer reach with short and crisp informative messages instead of long descriptive emails and see your business like never before.

Why use 360 SMS App for your business?

  • Automated Texting – Send messages with Work Flows, Process Builders or Apex Methods
  • Bulk SMS – Easy batch texting aka Bulk SMS via Views, Reports or Campaigns
  • One-On-One Texting – Threaded text messages on any object with Conversation View VF
  • SMS Templates – Easy to create and customizable with any object and associated fields
  • Email Alerts – Email reply to incoming notifications sends SMS response on their mobile devices
  • Hyperlink Click Tracking – Add and track hyperlinks added to your SMS messages with ease.

Interesting Facts about SMS

  • 90% of Customers text at least once per day
  • Text messaging can reach over 7.5 Billion devices world wide
  • SMS Campaigns have over 7 times better performance than email campaigns

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